Sexually frustrated?


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So I have a male veiled who's almost 6 months old now. Soon he will be mature, so I was wondering if not mating him will cause him any potential problems in the future?
You can't breed a chameleon before they are ready, you just can't its impossible but as soon as he is mature you can breed him as much as you want. as long as you have a receptive Female you're good to go.

I believe the question was referring to would there be any adverse effects on a male if he's never mated.I'm new to chameleons but I have not read anything about it being bad to never mate him.

I don't intend to ever breed with my male.if I'm wrong on that, please correct me.
Nothing will happen to your male if you don't breed him.

I have a male I will never breed due to a defect.
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