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If we warn everyone about not setting up uvb lights to go through glass because it blocks all the uvb, why are people advised to wear sunscreen in the car because of uvb getting through the windshield and possibly giving sunburn?
I never heard that.

In fact, most north americans don't get enough uvb and are as a result d3 deficient which has a negative effect on our health.

I do know that you can purchase special glass that will allow uvb through. Some lizard keepers have made greenhouses out of such glass. So I suppose it is possible that windshields allow uvb through...
I think most people have windows down and often dont realize the amount of exposure that can come through in a short amount of time while driving from one place to another , going in and out of stores quickly or wherever. Sunny places with high exposure will often burn people quickly without notice. I doubt its coming through your windows. Just they are out and about so advised to be protected from the rays.

As for lizards and UVB. I dont really know how if any penetrates glass. Some screen even blocks supposedly and it only goes so far in distance the UVB. So most want the most direct exposure without glass degrading or completely blocking out.
I totally understand the reasoning for the lizards. It just popped into my head that a couple times before, a long time ago, I remember hearing commercials advising people to put sunscreen on their hands while driving, and thought "This doesn't match up..."
I think it's because sun damage is not just caused by UVB. UVA does not cause sunburns but can do long term damage and I believe it transmits quite nicely through glass.
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