Schefflera arboricola safe for Veiled that likes to eat pothos?


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I just wanted to double check... I have been reading past threads where it says these are not good due to them still having some toxicity if your Chameleon likes to eat his plants. Right now my 5 month old Veiled has pothos and loves to munch here and there on them. I will be adding more plants to his new enclosure and wanted to double check on the Schefflera arboricola/ Hawaiian Elf Schefflera. I did get a Croton too but have not seen that these are poisonous if eaten. Thank you for your help!


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S. arbaricola from what I understand are toxic towards mammals such as cats and dogs. Reptiles react to some toxins differently than than mammals. That plant has been used in my chameleon enclosure for years. I cant keep pothos alive since my veiled eats them bare but he has not touched the arboricola.

That plant is extremely popular in this hobby too.
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