Safe Plant?


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So i bought a schefflera plant and plan to use it in my enclosure but the safe plants list says schefflera arboricola or umbrella plant. can i use plain schefflera?
oh i was looking at my plant and ive got a couple details that may help
it has three stalks, the tiny branches have about 5 small leaves, the leaves are wavy sometimes, it is light green and white in places, and its pretty small right now.
There is no plain shefflera. ;)

Shefflera arboricola is referred to as "Dwarf Umbrella" generically.

They are indeed safe.

I dont like using them really though, they tend to not be very tolerant of over watering, and the branches break off easily under weight. They are great for small or young chameleons, and they do have a leaf design that holds a good amount of water, but I always wind up killing them from the water I put through the cage.:eek:

Its completely safe to use though. :)
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