Ryker is Growing


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Hey guys just wanted to show how much Ryker has grown in the passed two months I've had him. Not sure how much he weighed when I got him but it wasn't a whole lot, now he weighs just over 51 grams, st 6 months, he's upgrading to his big boy cage in a few days as soon as I get it together. He'll be so happy I hope, because I think he's rather bored in his old one. He's getting the most beautiful colors too ^^. Well enough talk here he is at 4 months after I had had him for two days.


And here he is now 8D after freaking out slightly about the camera during hunting time XD



Normal basking colors


That's all the recent pics, I'm kind of sad I can't get him to stay blue and red when he's faced with the camera I have a feeling he'll get used to it though ^^ I am so pleased with him. Right now he's going through his teenager phase but the worst he's done is refuse certain feeders for a day. XD It's rather nice to have him as a first cham. Thanks Kammers <3
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