Running to The Store for Fruit Flies.... Can You Guess Why!?

Arwen had her babies!
I swear she had them right under our noses! I'm sitting on my bed, browsing CF... ;) and I look up and I see white things walking around her cage. Upon further investigation, I find *12* neonates in her cage! Most of them were hanging upside down under her UVB. :D

She was done by the time we "Caught" her... and she is now happily resting.

This is my first clutch, and i'm suppppppper excited.

Enjoy the picture, and their will be more to come.

Mom and Dad!


*Mom and Baby were separated shortly afterwords, this picture is just to show them together :)*

Wow! Congrats! My female veiled is currently laying eggs as I type. Your babies are soooooooooooo cute. I'd love to have some Jacksons some day and see a live birth. Totally cool! Cross your fingers that some time early next year I might be posting pictures of my own baby veiled.

Congrats again!!!
They are the cutest little critters.

Wow--a dozen babies from such a petite girl :eek:

Josh's Frogs, a forum sponsor, sells nice 32 ounce flightless Hydei and Melanogaster cultures.
Extra small or small Phoenix worms are another feeder you can add, besides pinhead or 1 week old crickets.

Wishing you much success with them! :)
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