retained sperm? or infertile eggs?


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My veild baylee is gravid again. She only layed her first clutch 3.5 months ago. She bin no where near my male. So retained sperm or infertile eggs? She's huge already & can see out lines of eggs in her belly. She's badly dyhydrated, eyes sucken in, not eatin but she is drinkin when I spray her plants & she has a water bowl that she drinks out of. Gonna give her a shower in the mornin. She drunk a lot of water 2day even wanted me to spray in her mouth, she's never done that b4. She's not had alot of time ta recover from her last clutch so iam very worried bout her. She's still wondering round her viv, doin her "daily rounds" there is a layin bin in her viv. Ive got sum syringes that ive bin giving her water wit. Wot do u thinks goin on? She never got her appetite back after first clutch so was eatin every other day but nothin for last 4 days. Thoughts & anything else I can do? Thanx
It could be that some are fertile and some aren't or it could be all fertile or all not....nobody can tell you that.

Its not good that she is dehydrated and her eyes are sunken in. Also not good that she never got her appetite back. (After she laid the last batch of eggs didn't you say she was eating right away?) Sounds like she could be in trouble...especially since she didn't bury the last batch of eggs. I think she might need to see a vet.
Yeah she ate straight away, after she finished layin but her whole eating habit has changed, she doesn't come down when she see's me with food, doesnt hunt her food down nemore. Only really hand feeds now. Don't eat half of much as she used to either tho she's still bin health up till this point. I'll take her to the vet today, get sum fluids in ta her. thanx
Gotta vet app this afternoon. She's lookin better today, eyes int so sucken in. Still not eating tho but cud be down to bein gravid. Fingers crossed she's alrite!! She's had a shower and a gud drink.
The front and back limbs are "bowed", which is the classic sign of MBD that kinyonga is talking about. That's why they look round instead of angled
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