1. Apollos 1 year

    Apollos 1 year

    Apollo has been with us for a year now!
  2. Louisiana Tree Dragon

    Louisiana Tree Dragon

  3. The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    The Silent Roar of a Tree Dragon

    Young adults terrifying threat display
  4. MOsKeeper

    Cham Size

    So over the year and a half my MO has gone through 2 different cages. The first was a turtle tank that i turned upside down so that it had the height he needed to climb. As he got bigger i knew he would need a bigger one, so i bought him a 2'x2'x4' cage. ITS HUGE for him and he loved going into...
  5. blondekiss

    retained sperm? or infertile eggs?

    My veild baylee is gravid again. She only layed her first clutch 3.5 months ago. She bin no where near my male. So retained sperm or infertile eggs? She's huge already & can see out lines of eggs in her belly. She's badly dyhydrated, eyes sucken in, not eatin but she is drinkin when I spray her...
  6. Hansen My First Veild

    Hansen My First Veild

    First Cham love him
  7. Front Leg Deformed??

    Front Leg Deformed??

    He can't grip or use his paw very well. He sort of trips over it, like its numb. I thought at first he had broken his leg but now think its deformed. The elbow is just above his foot on that 1 leg.
  8. 10 Min Old Veild

    10 Min Old Veild

    My daughter holding our 10 minute old veild
  9. Just Hatched

    Just Hatched

    My first veild egg hatched :) 59 left
  10. My New Addition Kanna!!

    My New Addition Kanna!!

  11. Blue Veild

    Blue Veild

    Just hangin' out
  12. Veild


    This was my veild at it was waiting for food one morning.
  13. veild male got from flchams few days ago

    veild male got from flchams few days ago

    nice guy for now.
  14. Antonia's Hunt

    Antonia's Hunt

    Antonia set loose!
  15. Harry


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