rest in peace, cypress. ❤️


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i had to make the difficult decision to put my beautiful boy down yesterday.

cypress was recently diagnosed with gout. i was giving him allopurinol, but he hated it so much that he prolapsed everytime i tried to give him the medication. he had stopped eating and drinking and was no longer strong enough to hold onto his branches. i knew that he fought as hard as he could but i could tell that he was tired. i was with him until his last breath.

i got cypress when he was 4 months old. he came into my life during one of my worst years and saved me in so many ways. he was the reason i got up in the morning, why i had hope for the future. he grew up so quickly but also so beautifully. his colors were absolutely gorgeous and it was one of my favorite things about him. he was an amazing eater until his last few days. he got fed a variety of treats but he especially loved his hornworms. cypress was probably the most chill chameleon i had ever met. he was never “grumpy” in the way that he never puffed up at me, hissed, or attempted to bite. he was great with handling, although i didn’t handle him much because most chameleons prefer it that way. cypress was the most silly and beautiful chameleon and i’m truly going to miss his unique little personality.

there’s not enough words to describe the guilt and pain i am feeling right now. i wish i had done more sooner. i will always regret not taking him to a different vet sooner. this was one of the most difficult lessons learned and i will forever remember him and all that he had taught and done for me.

i’m devastated. cypress was so much more than just a chameleon to me, he was my family. i love and miss him so much.


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What a cute boy and you did everything you could and the most important part is, you went to see a vet.
Keep in mind animals are different from humans and they do everything to hide and mask their illness. Therefore ones it comes to display, its sometimes too late. I had the same issue with my dog!!

Keep in tight and I´m sorry for your lost. Cypress sits probably on a giant cloud leaf, enjoying his juicy and tasty hornworm, keeping an (stink)eye on you 🙌🍀
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