Reputable Herp Vet in the Northwest


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I am looking for a reputable herp vet in the greater Northwest region, I am currently located in Salem, Oregon and only had positive interactions with a single veterinarian within a 50 mile radius of my location, but we are currently at the point where our knowledge base is relatively on par with one another, thus the visits typically result in the vet confirming my suspicions and us mutually agreeing on treatment options. On several occasions we have even performed fairly minor procedures on my chameleons together and are actually in the process of mutually educating one another in the field through veterinary/herpetology specific texts that he has supplied at his own expense. As much as I enjoy expanding my knowledge base, when something serious occurs I would like to have access to a vet who has the confidence and the background to perform emergency treatment on my chameleons. I am willing to drive as far as Seattle if need be if the result is adequate and precise treatment for the correctly diagnosed afflictions my chameleons are experiencing; if anyone knows or can recommend a vet, please leave me a comment or send me a pm.
I'm in the Seattle area and see Dr. Adolf K. Maas at the center for bird and exotic animal medicine. He's extremely knowledgeable about chameleons and reptiles in general. I know that's quite a drive for you, maybe you could email him and ask if he's familiar with any vets in your area he could vouch for. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of reptile parasites, he's also performed surgery for me a few times. His office is the best I've ever been to for herps, they have a no dogs and cats policy haha;)
You'll have a hard time finding a exclusive herp vet locally.

Dr. Richard Hillmer at Oak Hills in West Salem has been very good to me. He specializes in birds. He has provided free services for me over the years in exchange for the opportunity to work with my animals and even gave free x-rays and blood work. Yes, there has been times when he and I both worked together to come up with treatments and dosing, but I appreciated that. If you keep chameleons long enough, you can get pretty good at diagnosing most things, but you still need someone to write the script and sell the meds. Two heads to double check appropriate meds and dosing is always better than one.

I learned a lot from him.

Good luck.
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