Reptisun vs. Zilla ...bulbs?

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Apparently, I'm not as savvy at the search function on this forum.. I get a lot of nonsense to trek through before I find what I'm seeking to learn, so here I am..

Anyone have any experience with Zilla 5.0 or 2.0 (I use 2's on Pygs and some geckos) being any worse or better or comparable to Reptisun's same bulbs?

I'm always skeptical about changing brands for my "kids" (why fix it if it ain't broke.. kind of scenario), but I have an opportunity to save some money on the Zilla brand and I'm doing my research before I take a plunge into something I may regret. (I've read horror stories about different UV sources burning corneas/eyes, blistering skin, etc. Trying to avoid that.)


Aminah Undone

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Interesting! Thank you, Jann!

I'm going to stick with ZooMed. It hasn't failed me in all these years ;)

I'll just have to continue to cut out my frequency of Sushi lunches, so the kids can have the good lights :)


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zilla are no good for chams.
my guy is so much better since i acidently steped on my zilla light
i dont remember all the reasons but for chams i dont think anyone on here will say use zilla uvb.

when i joined and said i used zilla cuz thats all they carried at the closest pet stores i got so much neg feedback and pms about how bad zilla lights are for chams.

dont know how it is for geckos though


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in my experiance zilla bulbs burn up too fast. example I have had 3 florencent uvb bulbs just got out on me in 3 months time. my poor frog. I use zoo med or exo-terra
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