Reptisun 5.0 - should I get the T8 or T5 HO?


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Getting set up for a new panther...and I have not learned how to navigate the site well enough to find this information on T5 vs T8. These are what member refer to as Linear bulbs, not compact. I have read all the care sheets and as many threads as time allows and all the sponsor care sheets. Suggestions appreciated.


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I would certainly go for the 5.0 T5 HO bulb. They give out lots more uv and visible light than the 5.0 T8.

They are even better than the 10.0 T8. They are great bulbs for chameleons.


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Ya im using a dual setup, with 1 5.0/6% and one 6500k bulb. It makes the cage worlds brighter than just 2 t8's. They do put off some heat if you get reflectors. I say it in the 90's 6" away from the bulbs, so my guy kinda bakes under them for an hour a day.
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