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I am looking into getting a automatic mister for my baby panther. Wondering does anyone have any experience with this mister and would like your review on this product. For under $70, is this a trusted product? I know Mistking is probably pretty good but $190 is a bit steep for one cham.


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If you do a search on this product you'll find not many people are happy with it and end up getting a mist king or aquazmp. I think the basic package for a mk is 100. Well worth it
Also take a look at the AquaZamp Express kit. After shipping, pretty much the same price, BUT, Made in the USA, NSF components (food grade) and a higher quality system all around, and more expandable.


I got the repitmist at a good price when I was getting thing together for my cham. I got it home and wanted to see how it misted and it more or less squirts not a mist. I saw the reviews shortly after I got it and before I tested it and I ended up returning it. I got my monsoon off amazon and am careful with it so as not to blow it like others have. It has a fill hole in the top, but water can get in the top itself where the timer and pump are, so I just take the top off and fill it, to about 3/4 full.
what about fogger? is that safe to use or even beneficial for chameleons?

For a chameleon, fog really isn't much help other than to raise humidity. The way chameleons are hydrated is to drink from the leaves of plants after it has rained or some can get enough from morning dew.


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what about fogger? is that safe to use or even beneficial for chameleons?

A fogger can help maintain cage humidity between misting sessions if you live in a very dry situation. A fogger alone won't really provide larger water droplets for the cham to drink from. Depending on your house/cage situation you could need both of them.


What everyone is saying about foggers is 100% correct. But they leave out the part that THEY LOOK COOL! :D

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