US ReptiBreeze XL cage stand & light fixture mount


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Up for sale is a wooden stand that I built for the ReptiBreeze XL (2ft x 2ft x 4ft). The cage rests on the perimeter of the stand, allowing you to drill holes in the plasitc cage bottom and put a plastic bin underneath to catch water. The stand is built with pine (using screws) and coated with a dark stain/polyurethane. It's 19" total height and the opening is 16" high by 23" wide. It was built large enough to fit one of the larger plastic storage bins that home depot sells. It's very sturdy/strong and works perfectly for the repti breeze xl.

Also selling a mount I built for holding clip lights on top of the cage. This rests on the frame of the cage so you do not have to rest the lights on the screen. On one side is a slide-down blind so you can block light if your chams cage is near a window/tv and you don't want them to be woken up early, or kept up late by the light.

Local pick up only.
Located in central NJ near the water.
Looking for $60 for both.


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