I have. I believe you are referring to Repta-Aid by Fluker's.

I have some in my cupboard now. It is very effective for treating ill chameleons, and much easier to deal with than mixing up the adcham recipe. It was recommended to me by a prominent reptile vet as being a close second to Emeraid Critical Care, which is only available by prescription. I really think it is one of those emergency supplies that is worth just keeping on hand. Make sure that you get the Insectivore/Carnivore mixture. The other stuff is higher in sugar, which chameleons have a hard time processing.

A company called Lafeber makes Emeraid Critical Care for birds, and it is very effective as well. I had some for a long time, but my new puppy snagged the container recently and chewed it up. Expensive chew toy.

Why do you need Repta-Aid?


please read if you have the time the above link.

It is why I am looking into the repti-aid

My chameleon has been sick and on antibiotics and cream. Getting better, but not eating on his own yet.

Someone suggested I try the Rept-Aid?

I am going to call my vet and discuss it with him, but I also wanted to see if anyone on the forums has used it and what their thoughts on it were.

Yes, I have used it with chameleons. For long term use, you may want to force feed insects as well, or crunch up a few into the repta-aid just to make sure he is getting everything he needs.

Good luck,



I just called the vet and he said the opposite...


But I am assuming you must have more experience then he has with actually dealing with this...

Have you dealt with these issues with your chameleons?

thank you so much for your advise.
A lot of times, vets give pretty generalized information for caring for reptiles. While it works well for the majority of reptiles, chameleons are a bit more sensitive. Pedialite would probably work better for you than Gatoraid. Have you seen the Adcham recipe for force feeding chameleons? I agree that cat food isn't a great thing to be force feeding for any length of time.

Here is the Adcham recipe:

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