Rep-Cal Calcium WITHOUT D3.

Guys I just wanna double check just in case I buy the wrong one again... Is Rep-Cal Calcium without D3 the main powder? Like do I have to use it EVERYDAY? I need reply please or else I might buy the wrong one again :(
yes you want the one without d3 for every feeding i made the same mistake calcium without d3 i use every feeding but feed every other day and the one with d3 and the multivites twice a month
Calcium without d3 at every feeding(it is ok is you skip here and there) so don't freak out if you forget or something. Then twice a month use the calcium with d3 and the multivitamin so you will be using that 4 days(2 times each) out of the month and the rest the regular plain calcium
Thanks guys! I was a little worried because I only had the one with D3 and multivitamins and I never had the calcium without D3 yet and it's beend almost 5 days :( so I thought it was a bad thing
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