removed laying bin because cham was eating the sand...


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so how am i supposed to have a bin in there if she wont lay in it, but just snap her tongue at the sand and chew on it ?



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Same issue

I have the same problem: seems to be gravid, but poops out sand all the time... Keep the bin in? Take it out? Agrh...:confused:


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Its a catch 22 situation...if you don't leave a container of sand in there, your chameleon could die eggbound if you don't know when she is going to lay the eggs and move her to a container...and if you leave it in there she will continue to the sand...but the sand eating is only a bad thing IMHO if it is likely to cause a blockage. If the sand is passing through her, then hopefully it won't cause an impaction.

Mine have eaten the sand for years and I've never had an issue with it.
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