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Well, i have a problem.:eek:

stuey will not eat at all. i have showed him crickets and left him alone and he will not eat them. he hasnt eaten in 2 days.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - glass, just big enoough for one ivy plant, getting him a bigger one tomorow.
Lighting - i use uva lighting? i keep it on for 12 hours.
Temperature - during the day the basking temp gets around 80-100F it changes constantly i have no idea how, during the night in the mid 60's
Humidity - 50-70, i mist the cage to maintain this.
Plants - i use ivy
Location - just on top or a table for him, not near a fan or anything.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - veiled male.
Feeding - i feed him crickets 4 in the morning and 4 more about 5 hours later. i dont feed him much cause that is all he will eat.
Supplements - i dust them with these twice a week: reptol by tetrafauna and flukers repta-calcium
Watering - i mist him with a spray bottle, i do see him drinking.
Fecal Description - black.
History - nothing really he is about 5 months old.
Current Problem - he will not eat.
i try to but he wont eat them.

he just ate the crickets i gave him :mad:

god right when i post hes healed. u guys r magic..

but a question will they stop eating if stressed? i had to move him yesterday could that be y?
uh oh.

he just fell out of my hand.

he leaned out to look for somthing to grab and tipped over the end of my hand.

he puffed himself up to cusion the fall, he probobly fell about 2 feet.

when i knew he was about to fall i reached my hand out after he had fell about a foot, but he bounced off my hand :eek: and fell another foot,when i put him back in his cage he rigth away started running every were to get out, he doesnt look for act hurt but ill watch him. he got pretty mad.
you mention uva lighting, what about uvb? zoo med 5.0 or 10.0, with out uvb (or D3) you can give them all the supplements but they will not absorb them, it sounds like MBD with the larthogic balance issue, take him to the vet for tests, if you wait much longer he might be to far gone
ok i will, i dont think he lost balance, he slid off my hand.

i dont see any signs of MBD his grip is strong, very strong, PAINFULY strong. he doesnt have like 2 joints, i really dont notice anything but still i will.

his cage will be finished tomorow and he iwll be getting a hood uvb thing....:confused:

any1 else see anything wrong with the my his setup? besides cage size and type like i said hes getting a new one tomorow morning

i have been noticing acually tho he has been fallign off his ivy plant alot lately....ill take him to the vet firstthing tomorow
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uvb is very important the reptisun 5.0 is a good choice how long has he ben with out a uvb source.
yea but my bro steped onto the electrical cord and it fell over and broke

it produced 5.0 uvb its made by.....zoo-med 75 wats
Was Stuey acting strange before the light broke? Possibly there's an underlying problem. You should get him checked out by a vet just to be sure, especially if he's not eating.
well he started eating again today, he acts completly fine other than slight lack of balance, i will go get him checked. his eyes dont apear socketed, u can check in my galery. his grip is very strong but still....
oh no:eek:

i just cought stuey closing his eyes for a sec. ima get him to a vet asap. parents wouldnt take me today :mad:
There is a vet resource as a sticky thread at the top of the Health Clinic forum. Use this to find a vet. Alot of vets will not treat chameleons. Some vets along with a lot of other people have never seen a chameleon in person it is not like a dog. That is why people call these exotic pets. I believe Chameleon Tree lives in your area perhaps he know of a vet in your area.

Without proper diet, lighting, hydration, caging, and supplementation a chameleon will be on borrowed time. Any body who has experience with reptiles or knows alot about them would give owning a chameleon an advanced keeper rating (even so called easier species like a veiled). These animals do not allow for a large margin of error in how they are kept.
i know i have like 3 vets around here :cool:

hes only been missing it for like 5 days.

the temps have been ok, hes been eating alot now, he is acting fine.

he had only closed his eyes for about 5 seconds, when i stopped moving he opened his eyes, still ill take him to the vet
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