Ranger on a hunger strike?


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My little guy is five months old. I've had him for ten days. I dont think he is eating or drinking like he should be. He doesn't bask under the light which is about 85 degrees. He likes to sit around 70 degrees between leaves. He has had two poops which showed some dehydration. In 10 days I have only seen him drink once from dripper and eat a dozen mealworms. and a couple of crickets. Crickets are all around him but he just looks at them. I filled out the medical facts sheet and my husbandry is spot on. I take him outside for 15 minutes when the sun is out. He really likes that and perks up, so I tried to feed him outside but to no avail. :confused:
hes on a strke cuz he wants the mealies back.

Only offer crickets and hell start to eat again.

ALso, just because you don't see him drink, doesn't mean he isn't.
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