R.I.P. to the prettiest male Hoehnelli Ive ever seen:(

this male was huge when I got him so no telling how old he was. Days like these are always hard. He was the best eater, most aggressive male I had ever had. Also had the biggest casque Ive ever seen on a hoehnelli.
Luckily, he fathered a couple clutches of babies (29) that are all healthy little things and already showing AMAZING colors at about one month of age. Not your typical Hoe's thats for sure!:)

in memory...:( and this pic does him NO justice and dont really show how electric turquoise he was.


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Well, it must be a consolation to know he had continued the bloodline before he passed on, so good luck for the babies :)


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It is never easy losing our little buddies. Sorry for your loss. I remember seeing a picture of him a while back and thinking he was very unique and a real stunner. It is great that you have added those genetics to the captive population. It would be wonderful to see another one like him some day!
I will be making a waiting list for the babies, first come first to go on the list. I will be keeping a small group for myself, so it will be a couple of months to see how they develope and what colors they each get.
Im liking the name Papa Smurf for the sire:)
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