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Hello there, I am new at this and have done research for a year in preparation for my Panther which comes this Thursday.

From the reputable Panther breeders I have talked with crickets are a very good source of food due to the fact that they eat a ton of food and will eat anything. You can gutload them with whatever you want. As far as mealworms from what I gather, they are decent but not ideal. There are many other better feeders you may want to consider.
The breeders I talked with recommeded feeding crickets 2 days in a row and on every third day feeding them a "treat" feeder such as silkworms or wax worms.

Since my guy will be roughly 4 months old when I get him, he'll be small. The feeders I plan on using in the start are crickets, silkworms, wax worms, flies and flightless fruit flies.

As far as eating fruits or vegatables, I beleive that really depends on the type of Cham you have (which you do not mention).

Panthers will occasionally eat leaves and dirt but not sure on the fruits and vegatables.

I know other memebers on here will be much better able to help you than I will be able too but let us know what type of Chameleon you are refering too.
yea ive dun alot of reseach but just thought i could get better help on here
yea was thinkin bout feedin them crickets anway
crickets and waxworm would be main things i was gona feed them
its a vailed chameleon sorry so will they eat fruit or vegetables?
no offense guy, but to me it doesnt really seem like you have done that much research, these questions are very basic and you should read that care sheet that heika gave to you, sorry if i sound rude but more research must be done if you want your chameleon to live a long life and be healthy
acctuallt i hav dun loads of research but when u get told loads of different things i thought it would be a better way to check wiv people here who own then and get differnt oppinions
thats only reason i joined this site if u cant be bothered to help then i just will go a find a friendlyer site that wants to help out
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