quick question about carpets?


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SO I picked up a cute little female carpet chameleon about a month ago. Shes a tiny little thing. Shes about 5 inches from nose to the tip of her tail (her tail is nipped)l. and shes pretty light. so my questions are:

-Is this the biggest she will get?
-She only weighs 8 grams... is that normal?

Shes a voracious eater, and all around has tons of attitude... just trying to make sure i am not missing anything :)

heres some pictures of her


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How old is she? She's a cutie! I have a male Carpet and he is a year old on the 10th. He is still really small, yet he weighs 25g. I would think your girl has a way to go yet and will grow some more, but I have not kept females. Dooley1 is the guy to ask about everything carpet!


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Is that a hemipenal bulge I see in the second picture? If so then you've got male. Post some side view pictures of the tail and we can let you know for sure.
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