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So on a new enclosure I've been working on, I would like to suspend some plants from and "H" like wood structure on the top of the cage, our only concern is that the plants might sway and we don't want Coda Falling off of or hurting herself on the hanging plants, while they are swaying. Any thoughts or ways to prevent this? Thanks!


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How significant is the swaying? Trees and plants sway in the wild, and chams are very calculated in their movement. I doubt your cham would have any difficulty.

BUT, since you asked about removing sway...You could try using fake vines or normal branches pinned to the side of the cage to kind of box in the hanging plant. It's kind of hard to recommend ideas without a picture. I suggest uploading a picture of your cage.


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I really think you’ll be fine, if your really concerned you could use vines to further support the hanging plant. My girl Ivy lives in a free range that has hanging plants and I have never seen her even come close to slipping.

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