Question Regarding swollen eye in Senegal Cham


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I have a veiled and a senegal cham, so my friend in NY called me for assistance and I am at a loss. She went to work yesterday and when she came home her senegal chams eye was very very swollen she sent me a picture. She also stated that he hasnt been eatting (like 3 days). She went and got pedialite but is not really sure what happened. Any suggestions please on what happened possibly? Thanks in advance Monica
I bought a Panther from a local shop.. 2 days after i got him home, his eyes began to swell of massively.. he didnt eat.. Took him to the vet, and as soon as he saw him, the vet said "oh sh*t".. its an infection that can, most likely, be fatal. Almost impossible to cure, not to mention very expensive. (couple hundred).
She has the repto glow uvb 26w and and another repti glo but she stated it was real cold the other day so she added a second fixture from her turtles cage and when they took th fixture off they removed the wrong one and the senegal was left with just the turtles light for two days. Not sure what the turtle light was but the correct cham light is compact
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