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I was wondering about buying from pet store but instead of buying the one on display but rather having them order me one because i was told the s&h is free so i could get a baby veiled for fairly cheap without having to worry about them not taking care of it. what are your guys opinion
I'm betting you pay more in a pet store for one. Even with shipping, finding a big or small breeder on here will be cheaper and you can pick your chams parents and know for a fact they are taken care of from day one.
completely agree with sticktongue. i have bought both my chams online one from a breeder and one from a supplier and i couldnt have found a better price. if your looking to save some money go to a breeder. if your looking for a veiled you will find one in no time.
i bought my first veiled at petsmart....and ive never had any issues with him till the day. I bought him when he was about 2 or 3 months old im guessing. ive had him now for 2 years and still going strong. i also wanna add that when i bought him they had 4 more on display with him. Since he was the biggest and a male i took him. That info might help
We bought Picasso from petsmart and couldn't be happier with a pet, he is healthy and very colorful.....but the girl in charge with the reptiles at this store is very well taught in the reptile world, she owns several types of reptiles and owns Picasso's sister......I do think pet stores are still hit and miss.
You could definitely purchase from a pet store and have a good experience. But in my opinion, why pay the middleman? Search for a decent breeder online and buy from them. Even with the added shipping costs you will likely still be saving money, but have the added bonus of seeing the exact animal that will be shipped to you, as well as its lineage. Easy decision I think!

Good luck with your search.
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