question for all he raindome owners!


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I have a raindome for my lil crested cham but how long should i leave it running? I have a seconds time but it seems as if I can only set it to go off once a day 8/ Ide like to run it once every 2 hours for maybe 15 mins. is there a timer for that lol
I got the timer from aquazamp when I bought the rain dome. I have it set 3x a day for 2 min. I have a panther so not sure of the hydration needs of a crested...

They have great customer service, so I wouldn't hesitate to contact them with questions!
Double check and make sure you aren't looking at 24hr time vs 12. Mine came set to 24 hr and I did a double take! Maybe you can post a picture so I can see if it's the same one? I had a hard time with it at first, but I'm not mechanically inclined!
AquaZamp Timer Help

Hi Guys,

The timer does have one second resolution but you can set minute, hour or day long durations if you like.

The timer will do 8 on/off operations per day. I wouldn't do more than 3-4 operations per day unless you really think it's needed. I say this because it's good to let the cage dry out between soaks, so if you have a super dry climate and you need more wetness, go for it.

If you have anymore questions regarding the timer or system, you can PM me here on CF or you can email me: [email protected]

Kevin Zamp
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