Pygmy shenanigans :)


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Going through some pics and haven't shared in a while. My little man is growing up! He's grown out of his baby colors. Here's when he was younger, perching on a tiny air plant leaf

Came in the other night and this was how he was sleeping:

Total splits and passed out!

And then the next night...

Little pygmy bridge. He like sleeping on the edge. :)

He has come to love worms! Had some baby silks and hornworms small enough for him to much on. He hauls buns across his viv when he sees me put a worm in!

And even though they don't have the splash of color of the bigger species, I still think their range is impressive.

to this...

Daddy Tiberius :)
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Ohh I would love some Brookesia...I've never actually seen any available. In the common world anyway.
For some reason reptile businesses do not post that they have got them for sale much and could not say why. I know Jason at Protean terrariums had a couple species back in December. Not much there however I hope that helps you find some.


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Well I'm not looking right now since I'm about to move cross country in a few months (and the fewer delicate animals to stress and transport the better) but thanks for the tip! Once I'm settled I might have to really look into that! Especially if brevs are still mia.
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