1. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy Shedding Time Lapse

    Pygmies shed their entire skin within an hour or two! They split down the middle and then stretch their little heads and tails all around to loosen the split and eventually end up pulling it off! Sometimes they will eat the entire shed so you don't even know it happened. I got lucky and caught...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy shenanigans :)

    Going through some pics and haven't shared in a while. My little man is growing up! He's grown out of his baby colors. Here's when he was younger, perching on a tiny air plant leaf Came in the other night and this was how he was sleeping: Total splits and passed out! And then the next...
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy habitats

    I have a handful of pygmy vivs now that I have babies coming out my ears! Just thought I'd post a few pics for anyone looking for inspiration. :) The original viv that houses the parents: The little viv for Meena, my only girl baby: Littler viv for my brother's baby boy: And...
  4. ferretinmyshoes

    Baby brev vs

    So just walking past the baby brevs in their brand new viv this is what I see: Poor little thing bit off a lot more than he could chew! I didn't even know there were any isopods still in there, and I never thought they'd try to eat one at that size. I pulled him out and he panicked and...
  5. ferretinmyshoes

    Baby Brevs finally hatched!!

    After 84 days incubating I had just about given up. I candled the eggs just two days before they hatched and only saw a small dark sliver and one tiny blood vessel in just one egg. I was thinking by that time it would be body filling the whole egg, like with birds. But apparently not! The first...
  6. J

    pygmy chameleon colours....... what do these meen?

    Hi, can someone please tell me what these colours on my 2 (believed to be) male bearded pygmy chams.
  7. Pygmy Cham Embryo

    Pygmy Cham Embryo

    Picture of Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus embryo inside egg
  8. Stubs. Male R. Brev

    Stubs. Male R. Brev

    Here is a pic of my new boy Stubs! Showing off for the ladies!
  9. Percy The Pygmy

    Percy The Pygmy

    My newest member of my forever growing family, Percy the pygmy. 7wks old brev
  10. Navi - My 2 Month Old R. Brev

    Navi - My 2 Month Old R. Brev

  11. Baby Brev

    Baby Brev

  12. The tribe's domain

    The tribe's domain

  13. The tribe

    The tribe

  14. A tiny miracle!

    A tiny miracle!

    R. brevicaudatus neonate from my first clutch of eggs.
  15. Baby Sheldon!

    Baby Sheldon!

    R. brevicaudatus neonate from my first clutch of eggs.
  16. Ingrediants for a very tiny omlet!

    Ingrediants for a very tiny omlet!

    R. brevicaudatus eggs
  17. Brev enclosure

    Brev enclosure

    New brev enclosure
  18. Gravid


    Gravid R. brevicaudatus
  19. Two Divas!

    Two Divas!

    Female R. brevs in their enclosure.
  20. Brevs!


    Female R. brev in her enclosure.
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