Pygmy Room ...


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A good look at my operation ...

Right hand side:

Right side of the pygmy room. Note the 2 fans at different heights to circulate air in the tanks on each level of the racks. Also note the humidifier with pool hose in front of the top fan. It circulates air and humidity.

29G 1.3 F1 R. brev / 29G 1.2 F1 B. superciliarus

29G 1.3 F1 R. brev – closer look – note the cow at the bottom right

29G 1.2 F1 B. superciliarus – closer look

R. spinosus / 50G 2.5 R. brev

R. spinosus – closer look

50G 2.5 R. brev – closer look


Left hand side:

Left side of the pygmy room as you walk in

15G Tall / 1.2 R. brev F2 breeding group (have fertile eggs!)

29G / 2.5 B. thieli - WC

30G / 2.2 B. superciliarus - WC ... and Ms. Kitty

30G / 2.2 WC B. superciliarus – Closer look – note the male at the bottom right

Neonates / Quarantine

Walk in closet in pygmy room in which I keep supplies

Waw.Beautiful terariums...
Cuz i'm making a terarium for a pygmy too, i have a cuple of questions.

How do you make the right temperature?
Don't they hide if it's too bright?
Don't ficus benjamin rots in that humidity?

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How do you make the right temperature?
Don't they hide if it's too bright?
Don't ficus benjamin roots in that humidity?

In the winter I just use the thermostat in the room. That in conjunction with the low wattage heat bulbs gets the room around 70-71F and slightly warmer in the tanks. So that’s ideal and it took a little practice to maintain those temps. In the summer I don’t use the basking lamps and have an air conditioner that I run.

The African species don’t mind the light as much and all the enclosures have plenty of spots where they can hide from the light if they choose.

I am confused about the ficus question.

No they don’t rot. Ficus plants are touchy and I don’t plant them directly into the soil but keep them in the pots – makes replacing them much easier. The bottom of the pot has small river stones for drainage – so roots don’t rot. I do the same thing with ficuses in my true cham cages. If anything they don’t get enough water from my daily mistings. Every other week each plant gets watered in all my tanks – the excess water goes through the pot and directly into the drainage layers in the tank.

Does R.Spinosus really need to be housed individually?

Its probably for the best, these are very timid chameleons. When I get a male I will keep him in another enclosure.

sweet setup you got going.

amazing how uncluttered it is.

my house is starting to look somewhat similar (only more clutter/ less elaborate)- especially the supply closest.

It drives my boyfriend NUTS. muhahaha

I like your "quarantine" idea- the critter keepers with screen on the top.
Might use that one myself someday.

oh and $260 electric bill? I am astonished the cops don't show up.

An officer came to my house a couple nights ago.... asked if this was a "Crop" residence. I was convinced all my reptile lights and stuff set off the authorities.
So I started to explain to him that I have all these reptiles-- told him he could come in and see.
Then he tells me he's is looking for a person- with the last name Crop. Apparently that's the surname of the lady who used to live here.

man did I fell like an ass.
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Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I work had it that’s for sure. Having “space” around all the racks and such helps me maintain everything properly and makes cleaning the room easier too.

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