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So I had about a 2.5 foot tall ficus tree in my 4 ft enclosure for my female veiled cham. I read some wrong information about watering the ficus tree and most of the leaves have died and fell off after about 3 months.

I am currently trying to find a new plant, I enjoyed the ficus tree but I am open to other options but I have one problem... I have been to about 5 different nurseries in town and I cant find a ficus or any other correct sized plant that is non toxic to my cham.

Does anyone know of a good website to order live plants from? Or have any other advice?

P.S. This is my first post on the forums! My cham is about 9 months old.


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When you move a ficus tree to a new area they will usually lose all their leaves and then grow them back.

Keep the ficus and see if it grows its leaves back.

Also if you want to add a bit more foliage buy a pothos plant to hang from the top or an umbrella plant to put on the bottom with the ficus.

Your ficus is probably not dead btw.
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