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Hey i was just wondering for on another forum page a respawnder said that my jacksons chameleon most likely has an eye infection how much about would it cost to get him looked at and or treated in the u.s? at a herp vet?


I took my cham to the vet for an eye infection. They did a slide and gave eye drops along with the visit and it was a little over $100.00 There was NO blood work or fecal test done tho. Just a really good physical and the slide of the fluid from her eye.. Hope this helps


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I can only tell you what I know it costs in my personal experience, but for me an exotic animal vet visit is usually in the $50-65 range, and then any eye ointments they prescribe are usually no more than $15-20.

That's usually enough to treat a minor issue. But if he really needs antibiotics on top of that then I've paid more like $30-40 for my oral antibiotics.

I usually expect to pay about $80-100 for a minor chameleon issue, basically, unless I am lucky enough to get the vet visit on the house.

how bad can an eye infection affect you chameleon overall, could it result in blindness, death even??? pleaseanswer if you have an answer


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Yes, definitely. Infections end up spreading, and it could easily end up in both eyes, making him incapable of hunting and eating, and lead to his eventual death if not corrected, for example.

I know vets can be expensive, but good ones are usually willing to work out some sort of payment plan with you. And treating something now with a $20 antibiotic cream will be much faster, easier, and cheaper than waiting until it's a huge, ugly infection.

I would recommend that you fill out the HELP FORM so that we can help you more. And please attach photos if you have any. Also, it's always worth trying out a long shower a few times first, to see if he doesn't just have some gunk stuck in his eye. Mist him with lots of water for a good long while (10 mins or longer) and give him ample time to wash out his eye, in case it is just a little bit of shed or something, and that's why he's closing his eye.


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Definitely blindness, but I would imagine death could be a real possibility. Infections can spread through the blood and affect other systems including the brain. Plus with an animal so small, I wouldn't wait to see if he can fight it off - take him to the vet ASAP.

Ask the vet's office to work out a payment plan if you can't afford the total cost. Vets are animal lovers but they are also running a business.
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