Preventing wasted gutload


I'm using both dry cricket crack and fresh veggies/greens for my feeder gutloading, but I don't see much of any of it being consumed. The dry stuff doesn't disappear and the fresh veggies/greens tend to shrivel up and dry long before being eaten. I'm curious about others experiences and tricks for getting less waste out of their gutload materials.

Has anyone tried a wet mash with the dry food (I hear dubias like it that way) or pureeing the fresh veggies, like carrots, sweet potatoes? Is this advisable? I was even wondering if organic baby food vegetables could be used.


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Yeah a lot of us blend our gutloads together. I have a big bag of it in my freezer. Organic baby food without added sugar works too, we have toddlers and use their leftover pouches all the time. Probably too expensive to be worth it if you don't have kids that use it. I also wouldn't recommend the cheap stuff loaded with sugar.

The real reason they're not eating though is lack of heat. Warm up your feeders to 85-90 and they'll plow through gutload.
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