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Here's the story.....So I walk into Petco last night going to buy another snake and I see two beautiful jacksons well set up separtly for adoption. A customer had to give them up for personal reasons not sure and they were for adoption, and the female looked like she was about to pop she was so pregant, I found out from the employees she already had about 7 babies, maybe 10 most I forgot the number about two weeks ago and all the babies died because of stress most likely of them moving them from a separate cage back to with the mom because of confusion about what to do ...SOOO anyways since I have a male jacksons already and hes doing amazing, I thought I would adopt at least her ($30) and take care of her at least until after she has the babies and then figure out if I want to keep her or not. I have her outside in the exact screen cage shes used to by herself with water dripper sprayer etc.. and she is eating and drinking perfectly so far today so Im not worried about her health.


1.) When will she have more babies? (She is massive, I can attach a picture when I get home tonight )and how many clutches do they normally have?

2.)When they come...should I put them in a tub with vines plants etc, fruit flies, with a screen cut out top inside with a humidifier on them two three times a day?

3.) After all this is done .... can I put her with my male or will he immediatly mate and cause her stress, death, etc, or will they live in peace and harmony until he decides to mate does this work? Im asking because I have him outside in a exo terra explorarium the biggest one they make and I live in southern cali so as long as I keep up misting he does amazing outside so if I keep her Id like to keep them together since I only have one of those but if its not possible Ill have to give her to a friend or something.

THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE ANY ADVICE HELPS! and if you are local in the ventura county or southern california area let me know if you would like one I will be selling any babies that she has I'd love to have people on the forum taking them before resorting to craigslist and word of mouth
1. My female (also gravid when I got her). Had babies a month ago. Her belly looks plump like she could have more going. But so far a month later, she hasn't yet. She is NOT receptive to my male, even after a month. There really isn't a lot of info on when more babies will come if she retained sperm. I think I read 3 months? But that was just someone saying 3 months with no actual info to back it up.

2. You can get a clear 50 quart tub or so with fake vines/leaves and set them up in there. I mist mine 4 times a day and throw fruit flies in 2-3 times a day.

3. They need to kept separate, even after she gives birth.
A friend of mine had a female jacksons.

SHe gave birth, and then about 5 months later gave birth a second time.

The second birth, she had no contact with a male, so she def retained sperm.

I would not let them live together.

constant breeding of a female shortens their life span.

and no, they wont live together harmoniously until its time to breed. he will constantly try to mate and stress her out.
they dont care about her life being shortened all they want are the babies to sell, you should def keep them separate at all times unless mating them. Just a question why would you adopt her. You really don't sound like you are interested in keeping her at all. You didn't understand that jacksons need to be separate at all times. Upon finding out she needs her own enclosure you are just gonna sell her to a buddy? It just seems like you saw a pregnant female Jackson at the store ready to bust and you saw dollar signs. It just seems like that, I mean come on you ended the post by saying your gonna have baby for sale? If you don't have a cage for HER why would you buy her? On top of that, sadly you are gonna have a cage full of babies that are actually one of the harder babies to keep alive and you didn't even know you had to keep adults separate. Please do lots and lots of research before they get here otherwise your gonna be let down when your hustle falls through! (I mean when your babies die)
Thanks for all the info from all of you. I now understand that I won't put my male with my female and it won't happen I'm going to try to find another hanging cage setup for the female but for now she will stay in a 18 18 30 that I put her in screen cage .

To answer your questions Lancaster.... No I don't want the female to die and no I don't just want the babies to be sold. Firstly, I love my jacksons I did three months of research before I decided to get him along with reading about panter chameleons as well. I just never looking into breeding BECAUSE I'm not interested in making money I just like the chameleons. I breed crested geckos for fun and yes I sell them but only because it costed me extra time and money to do the project and I want them to go to a good home to someone passionate about them so try are willing to spend money for it so that's why I would sell them and also if you have animals away ANYONE is interested and that's not what I want PLUS I have several friends who actually know what they are doing so selling them a Cham for say 25 30 bucks would just give me the cost of feeding the female and the babies until they are sold ... That's my opinion in the selling process . This is what happened that made you think I saw dollar signs ... When I went into petco I started asking questions and found that petco had no idea what they were doing and they admited it and wanted to find a home by the next day or an employee was going to take her and maybe the male also . One f the employees who has no control over who adopts her said to me personally after talking to him about my jacksons and experience with my reptiles that he really would want me to take her and take care of her because the girl who wanted to buy her doesnt own reptiles and doesn't know what she's doing . So it was more of a rescue on my part . I would have taken BOTH but I know that a male jaksons is much more appealing and they are hardier than the females I have read on here and with space I knew in my head two chameleons would be enough for me and I could definatly handle that but three was ify.
I also do have a separate cage for her I think you missed that I am keeping her in my male jacksons old cage a 18 18 30 and have been giving her everything I give my jacksons and she is active healthy and seems to be Doing great. The only reason I asked if they could be kept together is because when I read about them I never came across putting a male and female and actually saw a few posts about trios of two females etc. so it confused me so sorry I asked a question I was unsure of.... I'm not going to DUMP HER IN A TRASH CAN I'm going to do what it takes to take care of her and what I meant by going her to a buddy I have a friend who used to have a pair of jacksons for a few years and he said if it became overwhelming he would gladly take care of her for me . He works at a pet shop down the road and is wry experienced with reptiles of all sorts so I trust him. I only asked on here to get multiply opinions and see if anyone would say anything new I haven't already ward about babies... The mom etc or I would have haut asked my friend and I also did forget to ask him how he kept his pair so anyways that's why I thought I'd come here for some advice... I wasn't looking to get kicked and stepped on and accused for being a monster .

So in conclusion... I'm sorry I made this seem like I was in this for the money because not ... I wouldn't have all the animals I have today reptile count about (15 not including species types) and have perfect health in all of them if it weren't for my passion for caring about animals and not about selling and making money off of them . And I think it's important that when replying that people should be encouraging and educating others rather than making people like me Afraid to ask and just go on with what they are doing . Because negativity pushes people away and the forums are supposed to help everyone gain knowledge on chams .
he will constantly try to mate and stress her out.

That is certainly the truth!

I had mated a pair of Jackson's and the male wanted to get out of his cage every single day to mate with her again after that.
To let him know this was not going to happen, we let him be near her, a few days afterward.
Even though she very clearly indicated that she did not want to mate again (rocking from side to side, curled tail, turned black, etc.), he still tried --so she actually grabbed his wrists when he tried to mount her.
Did this deter him--not at all.
He still wants to get out and go to her every day.
She is presently expecting.

I think you are kind for buying her.
You already have some Jackson's experience, which is a plus.
I know they retain sperm after mating but I do not know if they normally give birth several times within a few days or weeks.

Anyway, this thread has some good info, especially post #19:
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