*** Post Sleeping Pictures *** Continued


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I didnt get to show my gorgeous man so lets continue the fun thread, chams are awesome when there sleeping!
My BB ambilobe relaxing on his favorite vine.

Here's skittles, he's a real chill Cham, never fired up... So we enjoy his resting colors.

Pictures taken with my iphone, sorry for the quality.

His sleeping colors:

And here he is in his normal colors:

5 month old panther. Sorry the photo isn't the best. I didn't want to open his cage and bother him while he was sleeping though. He always turns white/yellow when he's sleeping.
This one is a bit older.... Took it a few months ago... but it is Chris and Lenny sleeping together. I had to try and take the photo a couple of times because lenny is a super light sleeper and would open an eye and look at me like 'WTF?! we're sleeping!

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