Post Pictures of Your Enclosure

Here's mine. It measures 60" wide by 50" deep by about 9 feet tall.
Here's a link to my build thread:
Its not quite finished yet, but this is my planting scheme. I'll be putting quadricornis or parsonii in this enclosure when its completed.

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Here's Kitty's pad.
I'm already planning the new one, but he lives here for now!

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I don't's a ways away.
I think about getting an unrelated female all the time but
I am honestly out of space.
That's the main reason I didn't get that gravid Jackson's awhile back.
We have a very nice townhome, but I have done a great job of filling it to capacity and breaking several association rules already.
Our plan is to finish remodeling and sell this property and buy another
detached home where the main requirements include a conservatory.
When that happens.....WATCH OUT!
Anyone interested in a 2000 sq ft Cherry Creek Townhome? :D

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