Possibly Dehydrated Baby Jacksons. Is it too late?

Your Chameleon - 2 jackson's xantholophus, one male, the other idk, a month and a week and a half old, cared since birth
Watering - Just been misting with a spray bottle. Been doing it almost constantly for the past few weeks after letting the cage dry in b/w of course. They used to almost immediately drink but not so much lately.
Fecal Description - Lately it's been some black with orange tips

They were fine until maybe two days ago when they weren't moving around as much. I think the problem might have been that I usually take their cage out towards the end of the day to get some sun when it's not as hot but the other night I had forgotten about it and woke up the next morning with them out there in the sun. They were nice and white but I guess that was too much sun.

Anyways, I tried feeding them today but they wouldn't eat. So I tried misting a lot but nothing. They've also been sleeping a lot and I know that's a sign of problems. I gave them a shower but they didn't open their mouths once. I tried soaking but they just went to sleep.

Should I try giving them pedialyte or is it too late already?
Here are some pictures


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