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Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by kicsylany, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. kicsylany

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    Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask some helps or advice with my 1 yrs old male Yemen chameleon, who is in very good shape and condition, eating, drinking, shreading well. Today when I took him outside for enjoying the sun I noticed on his casque the front line bone is a bit lose, I could see holes under it and when I touched it it is broken down, didn't seen to have any pain or anything, and that bits is seems to be dead, like a horn or long nail or something like that. I have noticed earlier something isn't right with his casque but I thought is all will be sorted at next shreding. anyone has ever experienced anything like this. he is still happy and nothing wrong but the shape of his casque now changed a bit and that dark front line/bone is gone. please give me advice what could it be a problem. thanks
  2. jannb

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    Please post some pics and fill out the ask for help form.
  3. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    Pictures before and after

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  4. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    Chameleon Info:
    Your Chameleon - 1 yrs old male Yemen chameleon, I look after him since he was 2 month old
    Handling - depends on how often he wants to come out free ranging (1 or 2 times a week), otherwise just at cleaning
    Feeding - Has some eye problem (misses his catch about 1-2 cm) thats why I handfeed him with extra large locust ,2-3 every other day and some waxworms as a treat once a month, gutloaded with romain lettuce, carrots or broccoli
    Supplements - 1xmonth MinerAll, 1xweek Nutrobal multivitamint with D3, and Calci dust every time
    Watering - I mist him 2x a day about 2-3 minutes or until he starts to drink, he does drink every day 2 times.
    Fecal Description - normal black with white urates, never been tested for parasites
    History - never had any problem exept his eyes which I think caused by 10.00 uv lamp

    Cage Info:
    Cage Type - exoterra glass, with mesh top, but out for freeranging, 60x45x60 cm, I know is too small just about to change it.
    Lighting - exoterra 5.0 uvb, and normal 40 watt bulb, 150 watt ceramic heater
    Temperature - basking area 88-90, other are aroung 78-82, night 72
    Humidity - using hygrometer, humidity around 60 %
    Plants - pothos at the moment, had been using ficus, and fake plants
    Placement - in living room, not busy area, about 5,5 feet at the highest point
    Location - Reading, Uk

    Current Problem - His casque front line look like been drying out and today it has been broken down, did't hurt at all, he seems fine , nice colors , free ranging etc.
  5. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    still waiting for advice! please someone!
  6. skully23

    skully23 New Member

    Idk whats wrong but I think brocoli for a gutload is bad. I wouldn't use it. I would use more fruits and veggies in the gutloading process. Check to make sure what your using is good.
  7. jamncristian

    jamncristian Established Member

    do you use a spiral/compact flourescent light (CFL)?? if you do it probably explains his eye problems and you would need to buy him a linear flourescent fixture & linear zoomed reptisun 5.0
  8. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    I know why his eye had a problem, but my question now is whats happened with his casque???????????????he still absolutely fine, nothing changed with his behaviour. thanks
  9. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Nothing happened and there is nothing to worry about. He might have some micronutrient deficiency, he might have a tiny burn from the ceramic bulb, he might be rubbing on things but I don't think you should change anything, except the free ranging maybe, but if you are not worried about him sneaking off to a secret chameleon fight club in your attic and getting into casquebutting contests, then just keep an eye on it and see what happens. Maybe a bit more humidity.
  10. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    Thank you Seeco for your advice, I thought he might had some fungus (not sure about spelling), don't think it could be MBD, I was just never heard about this happened to anyone else. He absolutely the same as before...he still very attractiv handsome boy to me :D have a nice day.
  11. Dave Weldon

    Dave Weldon Avid Member

    Howdy Agi,

    That part of the casque is a bit like multiple layers of un-shed skin stacking-up over time :eek:. If it stays it attached that's fine and if it doesn't, there should be no adverse side-effects.

    Example before his fell off:
  12. kicsylany

    kicsylany New Member

    thank you soo much, it is exactly look like than your chameleon's. I was just suprised when is stayed in my hand after touching all my worries gone, thanks for your helps. have a nice day.

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