Please help! Jackson's xanth surprise at a stressful time


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I'll begin by stating that a close family member was hospitalized 2 days ago--so my free time is sparser than usual and I'm a bit more stressed.

I have successfully kept Jackson's xanths from juveniles to adults but never any babies.

This morning, my tiny--and I mean tiny--36 gram Jackson's xanth girl dropped 3 slugs and a single baby :eek:

She was supposed to have been captive bred---she was purchased from a well known and respected seller-- and she has never been with a male during the 7 months that I've had her.

Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised.

All I have to keep the baby in is a large ExoTerra terrarium and a nice Pothos plant with a used 5.0 Reptisun for light and warmth.
My plan is for paper towels to line the bottom of it.

I was fortunate to have located flightless fruit flies and the baby ate some.

I am unsure as to how many fffs a baby will typically consume each day.
How often must babies be fed?
Can fffs be freeranged?
How could you keep them in a cup to cup feed?
Is cup feeding even necessary?
Can fffs be safely left in the cage overnight or will they harass or harm, as crickets do?
Is a Reptifogger set to mist a few times daily a better idea than a hand mister or would this be too much humidity for a mostly glass enclosure?

I would be grateful to any and all who have had good experience(s) with Jackson's babies who reply to this thread or by PM.
this is how I did it- I let the babies have as much FF as they wanted ( I had 6 babies) but you dont want to put in a HUGE amount - but he will find them just fine - and then pinheads in a cup so they wont bite at night - the glass will hold the humidity , I misted by hand about 5 X a day - its the heat you have to watch - I had a dome on an angle so it did not go right in, just kinda hit one side , and it had a 40 wt bulb - but it was March when she had them- so it was cold - and their first uvb was a 3 mo old bulb - I was told to watch the uvb at first- but I am not sure why - lol
she must have been w/ a male - unless her name Mary - lol
you will be fine :) I feel bad I am so far or I would baby sit for you
will say a prayer for your friend ;)
Thanks, Littleleaf

Fortunately, the hospital is only 20 minutes from home, so the little cham (and the big chams) will be cared for.
Thanks for the prayers. It's actually my sister, rather than a friend.
The prognosis is good, fortunately.

I just don't have oodles of time to research, at the moment and I want to give the absolute best care to the little bugger.

The UVB is a used bulb, since that's what I've seen recommended repeatedly.

As for the seemingly miraculous conception--I'm fairly certain it was a case of a wild caught cham being sold as a captive bred cham.

My poor female became pregnant at far too young an age and the pregnancy stunted her growth.

She has been enjoying nice calcium-rich silkworms, which I hope will help her to recover from the birth.
I don't believe she will ever attain anywhere near a normal size.

It amazes me that she was even able to birth a baby at all---she looks like a 5 month old still.
We thought she was simply a runt.
She had been dewormed after arriving, out of necessity and fecals are since all negative.
The fact that her growth was stopped in order to nourish a baby now makes sense.
I am glad your sis will be ok :)

that poor little Mommy cham - that is what happened to me - I was told mine was a cb, but she was not- and had 6 babies , but she is huge- I weighed her today - she is 111 grams - Olive is a monster - lol
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