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I posted about my first veiled chameleon that I bought a couple of weeks ago in the general discussion. I forgot to ask the amount that I should be feeding him/ her...? The pet store offered very minimal care info. They said they were giving 3-4 crickets a day. I had to go in there today for plain calcium without D3, and I asked the age of my chameleon..... they just said very young, just "weaned" Don't think that mama chameleon was nursing her babies, but then again, I am new to them... still, I don't think they nurse????
Anyway, with all that I am reading about things like how fast they grow, and that supposedly they are always hungry.... am I giving him enough? I give him three very small crickets each morning. Should I try giving him more? The tank (yes, I know that's bad but we will be building a screen enclosure soon), has a lot of plants, twigs, etc. And there are paper towels on the bottom. But as far as I can tell, he is eating all three each day....
Please help me with the amount to feed.... I am worried I am not giving him enough.
:)feed him way 12-15 small crix

and no they do not "wean" they are reptiles not cows that produce milk:p

but how about posting a picture of your set up and your little guy and we can help you as much as possible.

also if you can please fill out the "how to ask for help form":) below

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I feel awful that I haven't been feeding him nearly enough :( :( :(
Starting this morning he will get about 8 crickets, and then I will give him another 8 later this afternoon/ evening. I am so mad that I couldn't find the info on here before now, and that the pet store is so ill-informed. Thank you for your help. Yes, I will post more info using the "ask for help" form when I have a bit more time. And I will post pics as soon as I can.
I will stop at pet store today to buy more crickets, but think I am going to try having them shipped through a place called Millbrook crickets. My problem is that I live in New Hampshire, and it's cold! But since I will be ordering 500, hopefully the majority will survive the trip!
I wouldnt feed your cham too many crix late in the afternoon as he may have trouble digesting them, i take my chams feeding cup out around 5pm so he cant eat before he sleeps.

The petstore where you bought him may have been ill-informed but you cant blame them because you haven't done your research.
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