please give me an idea for new baby panther

I don't know anyone that will be able to take her but when you buy your next panther there are a lot of great breeders on this forum that will ship to you. Personally @Matt Vanilla Gorilla is my go to breeder and I know I'm not the only one who knows how knowledgeable and helpful he is. It's very important to go with a breeder that can help support you even after the purchase.
yes, i will definitely purchase nice healthy male panther from this forum. my local exotic shop helped me a lot when i purchased first veiled chameleon. he is now become a dinosaur...


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Just my two cents. i try to reach out to the people/site i wanna purchase from. gives me a sense of who and what im dealing with. example: i purchased a male ambilobe panther two weeks ago. but before hand i reached out to cb reptiles and living art by frank payne ( highly reccomend them). cb didnt answer what exactly they had in stock, just sent me a link. frank answered me about wht he had sent pics including his sire and answered several basic questions i had. similiar pricing but i got exactly what i wanted and could not be happier. personal touch makes all the difference. sorry to hear about your experience and just reinforces my initial instinct to not buy from them. good luck i hope you find a good solution for you and the chameleon.


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Because, all the big deal starts like this... Private!!
I want in on this deal. Sounds lucrative! :unsure:

JK man you will not be happier no matter the locale you get from him but check my photo for an example of his Nosy Be. My boy is such an awesome cham with a big personality.
I am looking for someone to adopt this baby female ambilobe. she is very cute and eat well.

i was going to post in chameleon sale section, unfortunately i am not able to write a post.

trying to become a member for getting posting permission, meantime i just want to write here, if anyone interested in adoption this baby female ambilobe. please PM me
recent pictures will be uploaded


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