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Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by SoCaliSon, May 15, 2008.

  1. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    I was filling my bottle to spray some Chams last weekend and I turn around and there was a baby Possum looking up at me from under the dining room table!! I have no I dea how long this little guy was in or house...He was living in a hole in the back of our fridge...(nasty!) But this has to be the cutest one I have ever seen. We took him outside and put him in our orange tree to take some pics... I will also post a vid later. He ended up not likeing that tree and dropped out 5 mins later just to try to come back into the house... The tempting thing was I ahd my Boa in his feeding tub when I found this guy... Ziggy would have made a quick meal of this guy but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  2. mattjillson

    mattjillson New Member

    Dude, your Boa would have given you a hand written Thank You note for that little guy....

    Pretty cute, until it grows up.
  3. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    If it keeps coming back you might have to feed it to your snake. Once they find a home it might not want to leave or worse yet bring friends.
  4. Nicodemayo

    Nicodemayo Avid Member

    so im thinkin a 3 to one vote to feed him to your boa ;). Cute little guy though. I wish i had an orange tree.
  5. Kat77

    Kat77 New Member

    Are you going to keep him? He's so cute! And DO NOT FEED IT TO YOUR SNAKE no matter how many thank-you notes you are promised!

    Here is one vote for the possum!
  6. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Hehe... Yeah when I showed it to Julia... The first thing out of her mouth "YOU ARE NOT FEEDING HIM TO ZIGGY!"... Damn!

    Dean is right... I hate these things... and if he is back anytime soon I will give the little guy the privledge of nourishing my snake. I don't want to find little possom parties happening in my backyard. I have always had a fear of these animals cause when I was 10 I was climbing a grapefruit tree in my Uncles orchard and climbed right into the face of a momma possum with her babies:eek:... She let out a blood curling hiss at me and motioned toward me like she was going to attack... I screamed like a little girl as I fell out of the tree. Ever since those little Wirey Haired Spawns of Satan... have been the only animal on planet earth I actually dislike. Until i found this guy I had never used the words "cute" and "Possum" in the same sentence. He is lucky my lady was home or he would be a bump in Ziggy's belly right now.
  7. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Oh Kat...

    We did not keep him... I observed his behavior from a distance for a little bit... and let him wonder away. A couple weeks back We had a little Blue Belly fence lizard that let me walk up and pick him up one day when he was basking... I kept him in a small cham cage I had laying around... Fed him small crix for about a week... And let him go... I wanted to see if I could catch a fem for him... and see if i could produce some CB Blue Bellies... But now there are so many around the house that I can observe them wihtout keeping them captive.
  8. Kat77

    Kat77 New Member

    Ha! Well I'm glad he's not snake food, although I can't blame you for not wanting to keep him! Ok, I don't live anywhere NEAR any place tropical, so what the heck is a Blue Belly?
  9. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    When I was a kid in southern California ( Pamona) that was one of the most common Lizards we use to catch also tarantulas. They have a blue underside and are plain on the upper part.
  10. Dave Legacy

    Dave Legacy New Member

    When I was really young I had a baby opossum, that had been seperated from it's mother, for a few months. Surprisingly it was a very gentle/docile companion. I like it a little better than the two baby skunks my grandpa had for a while... I only got sprayed once!

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