1. ilovechameleons

    Cool Computer Background

    Hello Everyone, I was just going through my archive of photos and came up with the idea of desktop calendars. It's just a hi-res photo with the current month's calendar. I figured it would make a cool computer background. I've posted them on my website and they are free to download. Here...
  2. Olimpia

    Othello, my little Jackson's

    Amazingly, today I wake up at 10am and instead of it being 95* already it's hoveing in the mid 70's. So I decided to take Othello out to chill with me on the balcony and I took some photos. Unfortunately they don't do his colors justice, because he actually has a really pretty turquoise head...
  3. chamcrazy

    photo contest frustrations

    :confused:Ok, I would like to know what's going on. I have entered the photo contest 2 different times and both pictures have been taken down without any explanation. I have tried to contact admin with no reply. There is nothing wrong with my pictures that I can see. They are just normal...
  4. SoCaliSon

    Playin' Possum...

    I was filling my bottle to spray some Chams last weekend and I turn around and there was a baby Possum looking up at me from under the dining room table!! I have no I dea how long this little guy was in or house...He was living in a hole in the back of our fridge...(nasty!) But this has to be...
  5. I Want To Be A Leaf Too!

    I Want To Be A Leaf Too!

    Chameleon tries to be a leaf when the other leaves give up and quit their job.
  6. Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo, a two year old veiled chameleon, models for his owner's big scary camera.
  7. Post-shed Colors!

    Post-shed Colors!

    6 month old sambava panther chameleon sunning himself after a tough shed... Firing up with his new colors.
  8. Sambavatimesadness (summertime Sadness Song)

    Sambavatimesadness (summertime Sadness Song)

    My little guy soaking up some rays in his own little tanning booth
  9. Mowgli In Mid-morning Sun

    Mowgli In Mid-morning Sun

    Taken in the morning when Mowgli (~7 months) was showing some bright colors.
  10. Tiamat


    Tiamat Nosy Be Sub-adult
  11. Doobie


    Yak digs Dubia Roaches
  12. The Lemonade Stand

    The Lemonade Stand

    He made me 25 cents.
  13. Natural Goodness

    Natural Goodness

    Pixel’s favorite meal…dragonflies!!
  14. Playful


    march contest entry
  15. Boston Celtics Twitter Photo Contest (12/2011)

    Boston Celtics Twitter Photo Contest (12/2011)

    I entered this pic of Ellie holding a sign reading ''I am a Celtic,'' into Celtic's Twitter contest for game tix...Ellie didn't win, but the Celtics added the picture to their 'Favorites' on their twitter account, which was just as awesome!
  16. Hubble At 3 Weeks Of Age

    Hubble At 3 Weeks Of Age

    Hubble climbing on the top screen of his new cage!
  17. Pele


    pele sleeping
  18. Pele Taking A Snooze

    Pele Taking A Snooze

    Pele my jackson chameleon sleeping
  19. Baby Veiled

    Baby Veiled

    Outside chilling in summer
  20. Tiny Photo For Photo Contest

    Tiny Photo For Photo Contest

    Tiny hanging out outside.
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