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Discussion in 'Photo Contest' started by chamcrazy, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. chamcrazy

    chamcrazy New Member

    :confused:Ok, I would like to know what's going on. I have entered the photo contest 2 different times and both pictures have been taken down without any explanation. I have tried to contact admin with no reply. There is nothing wrong with my pictures that I can see. They are just normal pictures of my chameleons. You are only supposed to enter one photo per contest which is what I did. The 1st one was taken down within a few hours. I sent a message to admin asking if I did something wrong. No answer for days. So I entered another one that I was thinking about entering the 1st time. It was taken down as well. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? I don't think it's right without any explanation. If I am doing something wrong I would like to know so I can correct it. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. royden

    royden New Member

    I can't speak for Brad, but anytime I've had my photos removed it's because I either didn't read the instructions, or it was removed in the 'pruning process' around the 15th. Brad try's to get the contest down to 12-15 people, otherwise votes are spread too thin.

    Did you know this month is a themed contest?
  3. chamcrazy

    chamcrazy New Member

    Thank you for your input. I know it's not the "pruning process" because my 1st one was entered and taken down one day after the contest started. (the current August contest) And the 2nd one was taken down a day or two ago and it's only the 9th.

    Thank you though. I appreciate your thoughts.
  4. chamcrazy

    chamcrazy New Member

    Awwwww! It's because of the theme. Thank you so much!
  5. Brad

    Brad Administrator
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    Most likely your photo was removed because it did not fit the current contest theme. Follow the link below for more info. I'll look at ways to improve the homepage contest interface. I must have missed your message; sorry about that :eek:

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