1. King Crumb

    King Crumb

    just hangin
  2. polite boy

    polite boy

  3. Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta was playing in the baby collard greens and swiss chard. She was having THE most fun :3
  4. gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    She's about 4 or 5 months old ♡
  5. Loretta asleep

    Loretta asleep

    Loretta is so sweet! She is so happy to curl up and sleep on her humans hand.
  6. Carmen came up to me!

    Carmen came up to me!

    She hates being held usually but came right up to me! I put my finger to her and she grabbed it! I spent an hour last night talking to her in a soft voice with her cage open so she may trust me a bit more. She likes me now! Even ate from my hand!
  7. jcarlsen

    Doodle from my Girlfriend

    So, one thing I should mention is that both my girlfriend and I are animators, so we have fun doodling things. She's been very amused with how Jasper walks, trying to imitate the leaves, so she made this:
  8. studio2eight

    Babies, Babies and more BABIES!!!

    Here are some of my Jackson's babies born June 14th. They are so cute and tiny, I had to share! Fruit Fly Photo Bomb!
  9. waynederby

    Yoshi is growing up

    I posted in here a couple of months back with pictures of my new little cham 'yoshi'.... Here are pictures of her now :)
  10. Midninight

    my adorable chameleon

    I was looking through some my chameleon videos when he was really young; and, I wanted to share this one of him climbing up my arm. It's really cute. :)
  11. K

    My little Night Crawler is not so little anymore....

    Just showing him off. I am sure everyone understands that is hard not to sow off their cute pets, expecially their chams. :)
  12. SoCaliSon

    Playin' Possum...

    I was filling my bottle to spray some Chams last weekend and I turn around and there was a baby Possum looking up at me from under the dining room table!! I have no I dea how long this little guy was in or house...He was living in a hole in the back of our fridge...(nasty!) But this has to be...
  13. Ambi Life

    Ambi Life

    We are new, trying to meet fellow reptile owners specifically chams, to gain knowledge and also friends. He is only 4 months
  14. Rango 2014

    Rango 2014

    Rango chilling
  15. Reach For The Stars..

    Reach For The Stars..

    Beldar, 2 week old Veiled Chameleon, has seen the light and wants it all for himself.
  16. Sleepy Chameleon

    Sleepy Chameleon

    Sleepy little Gringo :P
  17. Gringo


    Gringo exploring :)
  18. Twig


    He is a 4 month old nosy faly that loves to play and he definitely loves to eat! He is a little piggy!
  19. My Sweet Girl!

    My Sweet Girl!

  20. Little Dude Says "hi"

    Little Dude Says "hi"

    I thought this had to be one of the cutest pics out there!
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