From experince, having tried all the recommended ones (other than Pothos) I can say Benjamina Ficus (weeping fig) works best for me. Hibiscus and umbrella plants (Schleffera) don't do well in my vivs for some reason.
You could probably find something at walmart or home depot. One thing to remember though, a lot of stores use fertilizers and pesticides in their soil. It is highly recommended that you repot the plant with new soil. After doing so, I usually let the plant sit in the sun for a week or two before adding it to a cage.
Without knowing your specific circumstances, I would recommend buying a bag of soil at the store. I don't recall the brand I have used in the past. Anything without fertilizer will do fine.

I have had a lot of luck with the dwarf schefflera (arboricola) and pothos plants. They seem to do well in my cage. The hibiscus plant has beautiful flowers, but do not do as well for me.
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