Plant Suppliers?


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I was just wondering, where does everyone get their plants from? I was interested in an umbrella. Maybe others... but I was just curious if there was a good safe place to buy from that I was unaware of.

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I personally have found Home Depot or lowes to be the best. Their cheap and both have great return policies! :)
I have found Home Depot and Lowes to be the worst!!! I go to local nurseries they usually have more than 1 type of whatever I'm looking for and a much broader selection to look at. Usually lowes and home depot carry plants that are just hacked off and thrown into a pot and don't even have one true stem (I've seen this at nurseries too though). Also if there are any farmers markets near you, usually there will be some people selling trees there too.


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How would I know if those are safe? Isn't there a herp store that sells live plants that are grown specifically for reptile enclosures? Or are most hibiscus/ficus/pothos/umbrellas sold in stores safe?


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Regardless of where you get your plants from they should ALWAYS be washed thoroughly.
With that said, here is a link to safe plants, where you choose to purchase them is up to you:
and also - both of these links can be found on the forum page: and I quote "Store-bought plants have fertilizer and insecticides in the soil that are unsafe for your chameleon. Repot the top ½ of the soil with organic soil and cover any soil with large rocks or screen because your chameleon could ingest soil causing impactions. Wash all the leaves first to rinse off chemical residues."

It doesn't matter where you get the plants, just make sure you take care of them before placing them in the enclosure. Best of luck and keep asking lots of questions!!


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I usually go to Orchard Supply. Heck I have even bought some nice maples from Costco. HD or Lowes is good when they have sales. Even WalMart might have a good deal sometimes.
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