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i have a cage that is 2 1/2ft. tall 2ft. wide what i want to know is is there a good live plant i can put in there?:confused: I have a veiled chameleon. feedback would be appreciated:D
Check out It is a work in progress, but should be able to help. There are also some related links.

Hibiscus are hard to keep indoors; their light requirements are more than the average chameleon enclosure can provide. Otherwise, they are excellent plants to use with chameleons.
You could use plant bulbs which produce specifically UVA light to increae the plants health. These are usually florescent bulbs that have a stong red tinge to the light. Most reptile bulbs, like the 5.0 have a blue tinge. Plants also benefit from them, but are more dependant on the redish UVA producing bulbs.

Don't forget to make sure that no UV producinv lights should pass through glass or any clear peices, as they may reflect some or all of the UV back.
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