Plant pros - epiphyte ID


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Working on plants for new enclosure (and should start working on a second job). Can anyone ID the long green/orange tipped epiphyte in the middle? Is it Huperzia Hamiltonii?

How about the smaller philodendrons or anthuriums around it?

This photo is from the Seattle Spheres, by the way. Can’t wait to see it one day!



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Amen to that :rolleyes: :LOL:
Is there any sort of plant ID resource that include images? Because that would be SO helpful. I cant even tell you how many plants at both home depot and my local nursery that are labeled as "foliage" :rolleyes:

Not that I’ve found. I just spend hours scrolling through tropical plant nurseries! I am in the wrong business - some of these plants are bit money!


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I'm not good enough to ID any of those to the species level. I will suggest downloading an app called "PlantSnap" which can help ID plants from a picture of the foliage. I started using it to try and find mulberry trees for my silkworms before I really knew what the leaves looked like.

It's not the best for weird exotic tropicals, but I bet it'd work pretty well for common houseplant species labeled "foliage" at the garden center. My panther vivarium has 50 different plant species in it, and when testing the app on them, it was able quickly ID most of them, but my more uncommon species confused it.
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