Pissed woken up colors


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My biggest male is sooooooo friendly and docile. I can take him in public and everything. Well that is unless he gets work up lol He gets these weird dark green colors and will lunge to bite. I took a pic to show the difference in his colors. I thought it was neat. He will only show these colors when i wake him (which has only been twice). He loses all of his blue or something. Even when he is fired up his blues and reds get insanely bright.

Weird pissy, "how dare you wake me" colors

Normal colors
When he has the pissy colors it literally looks as if he has all the colors of the rainbow. I think it's pretty.

he is gorgeous either way :)
They do not like to be woken up that is for sure. I have done it accidentally, but would never do it deliberately. They can really freak out.
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