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The females are my favorite sex of the panther chameleons. They can get some nice coloration too!!!!
While I choose a male panther due to the color (which I do love), after owning him his color is only a small % of why I love him.

Also after viewing more and more pics on here I have to agree that there are some great looking female panthers too.

So OP I'd say watch your little girl and you'll come to love her, for her.


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If you are thinking of breeding buying the female first is smart as you have to wait until she is a year old to mate. (to make sure she is big enough and strong enough) The boys can mate much sooner.


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Probably for the same reason most of the animal species in the wild are the same way: to attract the females!
Okay? I said why dont the FEMALE get as colorful as the MALE? Jezz chill out.... Anywho it be nice if i could see some pix of female chameleon. I havent seen a colorful female.
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